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About Boundless

Every generation has faced its own share of struggles, passed down by the previous one, and this generation is no different.


Nonetheless, did you know that studies conducted by Pew Research and others show that this generation has the highest rate of insecurity, disconnection and distrust recorded in recent history?


Nobody should have to experience the attacks this generation is facing on:


Their Sense of Security

Their Sense of Worth

Their Sense of Trust


Kids Bullied Each Year


Drop Out Each School Year

Millennials Not Affiliated with Any Belief0%

College Students Disengaged From Strong Connections0%

Boundless Global is an approved service provider by the department of education that is fully insured and JLA compliant. As a CDC and 501-C3 Boundless believes in inspiring others to overcome insecurities, uncertainty by coming alongside this generation to lovingly guide them in the right direction!


Harvard University’s Center of Child development conducted a study into the correlation between Children and success. The finding were astonishing. The report states that “Every Child who winds up doing well has had the encouragement of at least one stable committed relationship with  a supportive adult”.

Boundless has successfully worked hand in hand with Parents & Leaders around the world (for over 20 years) to overcome the lies, that have bullied our youth into believing that they are worthless meaningless and disposable.

We accomplish this by inspiring our youth to believe they are full of Wonder, Truth & Greatness through our Live Talks, Meaningful Events & Leadership Development.

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