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Boundless Programs

For Students & Organizations

The “Awaken the Wonder” Event (Elementary / Middle & High School):
Our presentations feature age-appropriate and engaging lessons on how to build a meaningful legacy of Wonder, Truth & Greatness. These are infused with comedic storytelling, and captivating visual demonstrations that resonate with each audience. We will come to your school and deliver up to three, 25 to 40 minute Wonder-Filled Talks (same presentation, 3 times). This allows us to focus the message to specific age groups. The outcomes of our Presentations are designed to help students and caring Adults feel excited about putting into practice what they’ve learned.

Some Live Talks to choose from…

  • “The Heart of A Hero”
    • Theme: Identity & Overcoming
  • “On-Line Ready”
    • Theme: Online Safety & Critical Thinking
  • “Bulls-Eye”
    • Theme: Leadership & Success
  • “The CLIMB”
    • Theme: Decision Making & Commitment

Our Talks focus on providing students the tools to being kind, make the right decisions, overcome bullying & peer pressure, Being Safe Online and in the Real world and leadership.


The “Month of Wonder” (Elementary / Middle & High School):
The Month of Wonder is a follow up experience provided to Schools and/or organizations interested in putting into practice what they learned through Danny Esposito’s presentation. We customize a follow up to your experience where students, leaders and educators will engage in doing acts of kindness that will start a chain reaction that spreads farther than the doer can see… 100 acts by all of us have can an immeasurable difference! Our goal is with this event is to partner with your School and/or organization to bring Wonder through the SPREAD of KINDNESS in our homes, our neighborhoods, and our communities.

For Schools, Educators, Leaders, Parents & Organizations

Seminars & Workshops (Parents, Students, Leaders, Educators & Caring Adults):
Our goal with these offerings is to partner with caring adults to deepen their understanding of the importance of developing a Legacy building mindset, and how to support students in classrooms and home. These interactive and engaging leadership development session provide parents, educators and leaders with practical ways to build meaningful legacy messages and ideas in classrooms & homes.

4 key topics of importance we dive into are:

  • The Power of a Moment
    • (This workshop is designed to provide Parents, Educators and caring adults with the 4 keys to a healthy view of Self, Family and the world)
  • Becoming Online Ready
    • (This workshop is designed teach kids how to be Safe & Smart
      Online. We have 3 tracks for this offerings. One geared to students,
      one to Parents and one to educators/caring adults)
  • Human Trafficking Awareness
    • (This seminar focuses on how to create abuse proof environments
      for kids, homes and organizations)
    • (This Seminar focuses on years of research in key areas of
      Leadership found to be foundational in over 60 countries around
      the world)

The aforementioned options can be customized to the audience and age group to whom it’s delivered to and/or is in attendance (These can be provided Live or Online).

The Virtual Experience

The “Virtual Experience” (60 minutes. School/Organization pays, Parents, Educators Caring Adults and Organizations enjoy):
This program is not complete unless caring adults are in on the message. In order to provide deeper support for students and their families, Danny & Boundless can offer their training online to support professionals, parents, educators and guardians in understanding and implementing the Legacy bearing Mindset. The evening can also include a Q&A for those who are able to stay after the presentation.

Here is how a Virtual Experience works:

  • You choose a date and time
  • We give you a unique registration link to email to the attendees so they can sign up
  • You are automatically sent all the details so they can easily log onto the webinar
  • You log on, learn and interact with a LIVE Q&A
  • We send you a recorded version afterward

For more information on what is covered let’s schedule a call to discuss further.

Project Wonder

There is an enormous population that, in many instances, may not be recognized due to certain disabilities which preclude them from partaking in special events. Nonetheless, Boundless has created an initiative called “Project Wonder” that seeks to proactively serve those in need.
“Project Wonder” enables us to raise support for families that require additional funding to cover medical expenses and it also allows us to bring Superheroes to Schools, Special needs events, Orphanages & Hospitals. We are committed to creating customized environments for Children, Youth, Adults, and Seniors that’ll inspire them to believe that they too are meant to accomplish Boundless Wonders in this life.
Boundless Global is a non-profit 501-C3 and runs “Project Wonder” through the donations provided by individuals and organizations that believe in inspiring others to build meaningful legacies for those with disabilities, the disadvantaged and all the families it serves.
Help us to continue bringing Hope & Wonder by becoming a recurring financial partner of Boundless, or providing us with a one-time donation today. For more information contact us today or DONATE through our secure tab today!

Awaken the Wonder

Elementary & Middle Schools

Awaken the Greatness

Middle School & High School Presentation