Boundless Global | Project Wonder
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Project Wonder

There is an enormous population that, in many instances, may not be recognized due to certain disabilities which preclude them from partaking in special events. Nonetheless, Boundless has created an initiative called “Project Wonder” that seeks to proactively serve those in need.

“Project Wonder” enables us to raise support for families that require additional funding to cover medical expenses and it also allows us to bring Superheroes to Schools, Special needs events, Orphanages & Hospitals. We are committed to creating customized environments for Children, Youth, Adults, and Seniors that’ll inspire them to believe that they too are meant to accomplish Boundless Wonders in this life.

Boundless Global is a non-profit 501-C3 and runs “Project Wonder” through the donations provided by individuals and organizations that believe in inspiring others to build meaningful legacies for those with disabilities, the disadvantaged and all the families it serves.

Help us to continue bringing Hope & Wonder by becoming a recurring financial partner of Boundless, or providing us with a one-time donation today. For more information contact us today or DONATE through our secure tab today!