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Boundless Consulting

It all starts with building intentionally.

We start by listening and then show you a blueprint that will delineate how you can move towards where you want to be. And then we walk alongside you to make sure that we help build the kind of infrastructure that will be 100% aligned with your message

We have made it our mission to help individuals and organizations establish Clear, Transformative, Healthy and Sustainable legacies for this generation and those who are called to serve them.

The process looks like this:


  1. We listen and identify your/organization’s Story, Message, area of greatest passion and the obstacles keeping it from getting there.

  2. We develop a clear step-by-step strategic plan around your specific Story and Message ready for implementation.

  3. We sequence the work and (this is where we are different from most consultants) ensure that its strategically aligned with your Story, Culture & Meaning-filled Legacy.


A Clear Message that others will be deeply connected to and own

A Clear Direction that will not be held hostage by changing whims

A Clear & Sustainable set of systems and processes that will be easily replicable for volunteers and staff

Improved visibility, communication and marketing of your Organization, School, Business or Ministry.

“What Boundless Consulting has brought to the table, and done for us, has gone beyond what I thought would be possible. The excellence and expertise of Boundless has helped carve an identity and strategy for our Community that has been much needed for years.
The results are amazing. “

– P. Eugene Davis, LF Tampa

Our Desire in the Following Areas:

Our Commitment
Danny and the Boundless team a proven track record of building multi-cultural organizations & ministries in the USA and abroad ensuring they are all sustainable. Remember, it takes more than a great Student Director or Leadership team to have a great Program.

Guess What… we can help you build it!!

Our Passion
Our Founder and Boundless have proactively helped the next generation, and  those interested in reaching them as well, by developing safe environments that have continually Built  Meaningful Legacies. We assist leaders and organizations create proven structures that will build Worth and solidify Truth in a new generation.

Guess what…it works!!

Our Expertise
Our founder is a certified Leadership Trainer, Process Improvement specialist & Cultural Architect who has worked in over 13 countries, Ministerially and Professionally, helping optimize organizational structures, team dynamics and Vision retreats among others.

Guess What… we can help you do the same for you and your team today!

Last but not least, after years of working with Companies, Youth organizations and Student ministries, It became increasingly clear that the same foundational principles of Clear & Meaningful Legacies  applied to organizations and ministries across the board apply in profound ways to any and all contexts.

Guess What… Your Story matters and we can help solidify it for generations to come!!

If your organization/church has a dream that just won’t let go but that has struggled to get traction, if your organization/church has found itself stuck or plateaued, if your organization/church has made strategic plans that have gotten sidelined by the day-to-day, the Boundless systems may just be your solution.

“What I love the most about Boundless is their consistent love and interest in serving us.

The amazing processes they have helped us put in place are incredible. The training, support and resources they continue to provide go beyond what we could have asked for. We love Boundless.”
– Elias Peña, Director Destiny

P.S. – We strictly limit the amount of people we work with. When you bring us on board, you get our 100% undivided attention… an advantage you get from no other source. Click the button below to fill out a short consulting application. If we are able to help, you will be contacted to setup a short call to discuss your needs and terms.